Soaking and discharge basin with water pump

Application area

  • Gentle intermediate buffering and pre-cleaning of vegetables
  • Intermediate storage in water bath
  • Continuous introduction of raw material into the production line

especially for:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables


The product is floated in a water bath. With the aid of a powerful water pump, the product is floated to the discharge belt. A conveyor belt running along the bottom of the basin conveys the product upwards out of the bath.


The basin has a large filling area, which allows the product to be fed from all sides, even with larger conveying equipment. For transport, a stable link eyelet belt equipped with cleats is installed. A „shower pipe“ is installed above the discharge belt for rinsing the discharged product.


  • Savings in manpower
  • Reduction of heavy physical work
  • Easy cleaning
  • Gentle cleaning process