Vacuum testing device for jars

Application area

Testing of twist-off lids of sealed canning jars for:
  1. Presence of a vacuum in the jar
  2. Presence of a lid
  3. Slanted lids (optional)
especially for:
  • Jars


The vacuum tester continuously tests sealed jars and bottles transported on a hinged belt for the vacuum present. The deflection of the lid, which is common with vacuum closures, is evaluated. At the same time, this device detects containers without lids. The ejection of faulty closures takes place on a second slat-band track or on a collecting table.


The vacuum tester is designed as an auxiliary machine and can be easily integrated into an existing line. The machine consists of the conveyor belt, the vacuum tester and the ejector. Optionally, the device can also operate in accumulation stretches with an additional device.


  • Improve product safety
  • High throughput
  • Low space requirement
  • Detection also of jars without lids
  • Detection also of jars with slanted lids (optional)
  • Adaptable to different needs