Cucumber filling system for stand-up pouches

Application area

Automatic feeding of pickled cucumbers into a flow wrapping machine.
Especially for:
Pickled cucumbers


The cucumbers are tipped from a large container into the receiving hopper of the discharge trough by means of a lifting/tipping device. The cucumbers are conveyed out of the brine by a modular belt and transferred to a vertical conveyor. This belt transfers the cucumbers to a multihead weigher. The weighed cucumbers are then transferred to the dosing chutes of the feeder carousel and herbs and spices are added as required. This is followed by transfer to the bags provided. A preset amount of brine is then added to each bag and the bag is tightly sealed. After discharge, the bag is transferred to a conveyor belt and then to a turntable.


The equipment consists of an infusion production unit, a lifting/tipping device, a discharge trough with a sorting belt, a vertical conveyor belt, a multi-head weigher, a feed carousel with a spice dosing unit, a tubular bag machine as well as a conveyor belt and a turntable for receiving the finished bags. The infusion production has its own control system and can be operated independently of the remaining plant components. The other plant sections are operated via several control elements, which are centrally located.


  • High processing capacity
  • Adjustable filling quantity
  • Accurate filling by weight