Filling system for fermented vegetables

Application area

Automatic filling of fermented vegetables into jars
especially for:
  • Fermented cabbage
  • Fermented vegetables


The fermented cabbage is fed into the hopper of the feed screw. From the hopper, the cabbage is continuously conveyed through the feed screw into the metering hopper. From the metering screw, the cabbage is conveyed into the metering tube until the set filling quantity is reached. The knife cuts off the cabbage. The cabbage strand is dosed into the waiting jar with an air pulse. The cabbage dosing process then starts again. The collected pickle is drawn from the pickle storage container into the piston metering pump. The filled jars are weighed by a scale in front of the pickle dosing pump. The required amount of pickle is then added to each jar.


The system consists of a glass turning unit, a haulm dosing unit, an inspection platform, the haulm feeding screw, a glass turner, a conveyor belt with the check weigher for filled haulm, the brine pump with brine storage tank, as well as the control cabinets for electronics and pneumatics. The cabbage feeder is mounted on rails so that it can be pushed to the rear for cleaning. Furthermore, the plant can be extended by a feeding turntable for jars.


  • High processing power
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable filling quantity
  • Precise filling by weight
  • Low space requirement